SSHCE Webinar Series is Launched

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As a part of its role and commitment to the education of the general public and the healthcare providers about the ethical issues in healthcare, SSHCE has approved its plan for its monthly webinar.

Each webinar will address a topic to discuss its ethical aspects and implications and will be delivered by two expert speakers. These are some general notes

  • All the webinars are delivered virtually through Zoom, Facebook Live and Live-streaming on YouTube.
  • All the webinars are on the last Monday of the month at 8.00 p.m. expect for April’s webinar will start after Taraweeh Prayers (10.00 p.m.)
  • All the webinars are one-hour long: 40 minutes divided equally between two speakers (20 minutes each), followed by moderated discussion of 20 minutes.
  • Registration is required through the society’s website.


Published by Dr Ghaiath Hussein

Medical doctor specialized in bioethics and public health. Following my MBBS in Sudan, I had a master degree in bioethics from the University of Toronto, then a PhD in bioethics at the University of Birmingham, UK. I have been teaching medical ethics for undergraduate medical students, residents, public health practitioners and master students and provide consultations in ethics-related topics for many regional and international institutions. This website is where I try to share some of what I have learned in my professional journey, hoping that this will make your journey shorter and easier by avoiding the same mistakes and by gaining some extra miles.

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